Excelen Hand Cream

Excelen Hand Cream the finest hand cream available in Sweden has finally come to America. Created in 1901 by Pharmacist Gustaf Lagerström, Excelen Hand Cream  was our very first product and remains our flagship product today.  Made in Sweden following the same time honored recipe Excelen Hand Cream is all natural with Swedish quality. We believe we can succeed by not testing on animals or using any animal by products. We only use the best quality 100% natural ingredients in all of our products. Please visit our  below store to learn more.

Our New Store

We launched our store in the USA with Excelen Hand Cream. It is our top selling product in Sweden. It is made with Vitamin E and it makes dry hands baby soft! Our hand cream is absorbed by the skin in seconds and is never sticky or greasy. This quick absorption makes it suitable for those who use hand cream often. The natural E-vitamin builds and nourishes your skin with every use. Please give Excelen Hand Cream a try today!

Paraben FREE  • No Animal Testing  • Contains No Animal by Products  • All Natural Ingredients • FREE SHIPPING

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